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“Live the Mass”

A Reflective Retreat by “The Veil Removed”
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$485.00 (shipping/handling inc.)

This is a 33 hour overnight reflective retreat intended for 20-30 people, to be held in parishes or anywhere a priest and Mass can be celebrated. It pulls back the veil at Mass and helps a person to step into a deeper experience of the Mass and all its power, beauty and wonder. This retreat is meant to generate amazement and awe for the Mass. 

Everything is provided for you, including the seven videotaped talks, handouts and the commentary for the Retreat Leader and Small Group leaders. You will receive a detailed handbook that contains all these items plus the schedule which is literally laid out minute by minute. Consultation is also available if needed


  • A 75 page, step by step Handbook for the Retreat Team
  • DVD of “The Veil Removed” Short Film
  • 7 Videotaped Talks (on DVD) 
  • All directives and explanations for Retreat Leader(s) are provided.

With purchase of the “Live the Mass” A Reflective Retreat, additional handbooks are available at a discounted rate per request. If you have any questions you can reach us at theveilremoved1@gmail.com.


With purchase of the “Live the Mass” A Reflective Retreat, additional handbooks are available at a discounted rate per request. Please feel free to contact us theveilremoved1@gmail.com

Rates only apply to U.S. and Canada. 

12 reviews for “Live the Mass”

  1. Cindy J

    This retreat is awesome! It was a beautiful time spent deepening my relationship with the Lord. I loved the amazing videos of priests talking about the Eucharist, which gave me new and deeper understanding of what truly takes place each time we celebrate the Eucharist at Mass. My Mass experience is so much richer now that I’ve attended this great retreat.

  2. Chris

    I just finished this amazing retreat and am so excited to share this with family and friends. It was an awesome weekend that will change my participation at Mass for the rest of my life.

  3. Sandy schultz

    It was excellent. All the videos were wonderful. It changes my ideas about Mass & will be entirely different.

  4. Peggy B.

    Appreciate the Eucharist so much more! I also understand the parts of the Mass better.Thank you!

  5. N. Lesko

    I loved the video talks. They were great. I will be more attentive during the consecration and be sure to make my offering to God.

  6. Steph K.

    I understand so much more. I really never realized the angels and saints join us at Mass!

  7. Tami M.

    I did not realize or understand what a miracleI was apart of and that angels would take up our intentions.

  8. Bev M.

    The retreat was a wonderful experience. I got so much new knowledge and inspiration. Thank you!

  9. Geri

    Have you ever wondered what is really going on at the Mass?
    Have you ever felt like you’ve slipped into automatic mode and not really sure what you are doing or why you are doing it? Are you distracted?

    We are all on a journey and need opportunities to grow in our faith. Attending Live the Mass retreat is an event you won’t want to pass up.
    The retreat is well organized.
    The video speakers are very knowledgeable and engaging.
    The silent time for reflection was a blessing.
    The information received wasn’t only “learned” but was “experienced” as we had the opportunity for reconciliation, adoration, praise, prayer and the Mass.
    This retreat nourished my desire to draw closer to our Lord. I long to be where Heaven and Earth meet without limits of space and time, at the Mass.
    I pray you will the opportunity to attend Live the Mass retreat.

  10. Lori

    You may never think of the Mass in the same way again.
    Every once in a while something we experience in life brings it all home for us… brings clarity to something we have pondered.
    This is perhaps how I can describe my experience at the “Living the Mass” retreat.
    My question of how to gain a deeper relationship with God became clear through what was presented and by prayerfully listening in our time of silence.
    The answer I heard?
    Go to Mass.
    Fully participate to receive the blessing in praising and reconciliation.
    Offer to God all that you bring and ask for the things you need or desire. It is the time of greatest grace.
    God breaks into time and space. All of heaven is there. (Including our deceased loved ones )
    Mass is the only place we can encounter the physical presence of God.
    What could be more personal than to receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ.
    This retreat is a beautiful, safe and Holy way
    to experience something profound for your own life.

  11. Pat

    I attended the Live the Mass Retreat a couple weeks ago. Wow! It went above and beyond my expectations. I go to daily Mass. I wasn’t sure what I would learn from this retreat. But the videos we watched and the materials that were provided were fantastic. I wanted to watch the videos over and over! I came away from the retreat with an even greater appreciation for Mass and the precious gift of the Eucharist. I don’t know how to explain it.
    It’s like being a person who loves to watch a sunrise or sunset and all of a sudden there are even more colors than you have ever seen before. And the message that kept coming across was God’s great love for us. As Padre Pio says ” The Mass is a mystery, the more you look into it, the more you find in it, and what you find in it is ALWAYS love, the love of God.” Little did I know at the time that only a week later churches would close and I would not be able to attend Mass. I pray that this separation from our Lord’s physical presence is short lived for all of us. I pray that you will have the opportunity to attend this very special retreat where you live. You will be blessed beyond measure!

  12. Sharon

    This powerful retreat stirred my heart with the Holy Spirit as I was able to experience Jesus in prayer, Adoration, the Bible scriptures, and the Mass. I love the power of the Eucharist. Truly my devotion is deeper because of The Veil Removed and Live the Mass Retreat.

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