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“Little Yellow Book”

30 Day Meditation Guide
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This Little Yellow Book is your answer to learning and getting more out of the Mass. These 5-7 minute reflections take into consideration information from “The Veil Removed” 5 min. short film about the Holy Mass. This little book breaks down the Mass and offers interesting bits of information to enhance one’s experience of the Holy Mass. We hope your desire to go to Mass will grow and so will your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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The short film, “The Veil Removed” is offered on Youtube and at our website www.theveilremoved.com.

Please feel free to view and refer to during your reflections with this Little Yellow Book. If you have any questions you can reach us at theveilremoved1@gmail.com.

Paperback Books*

* Rates only apply to U.S. and Canada.

  • 1-49 books – $8.00 each (Shipping on orders over $300 only)
  • 50 – 99 books – $5.00 each (Shipping on orders over $300 only)
  • 100 books or more – $2.50 each (Shipping on orders over $300 only)


  • 1-29 e-books – $5.00 each (download file provided by email immediately after purchase)
  • 10 e-books – $30.00 (perfect for sharing with others!)

16 reviews for “Little Yellow Book”

  1. mark michuda (verified owner)

    This book is an excellent resource as a daily reflection supporting what we had just learned about “The Veil Removed”. We gave every participant this book for their own personal use.

  2. Fr. John (verified owner)

    A short note to share my experience of using the Little Yellow Book. I have discovered that this is a wonderful and yet simple guide to reappreciate the meaning of the Mass. For instance, on day 5 it talked about the Gloria. I have to admit that over the years I have been under-appreciating the Gloria. I thought that it was an additional attachment to the Mass which added nothing to either the readings or the Eucharist. But as the Little Yellow Book informs us, we need to praise God. Praise allows us to desire God’s will. The Gloria is the first opportunity in the Mass to give direct praise to God. I had forgotten this fact. So may you come to a new awareness of the meaning of the various parts of the Mass. Please keep up your daily devotion of the Little Yellow Book, and may you have an enriching Advent season. God bless.

  3. Jennifer

    I have been thinking more about the sign of the cross and being more intentional about this action. I had not thought about it as protection or as a prayer by itself but it takes on a new meaning.

  4. Lori

    I have thought about the sign of the cross and it being its own prayer. I need to be more intentional to make the sign of the cross when entering and leaving church. Also the entire Mass is a prayer! I need to pray rather than just speak.

  5. Mary

    Hello, I have enjoyed the Little Yellow Book reflections. So many snippets to remind us why we attend Mass and how we can engage more fully. The very first day encourages you to prepare your mind for Mass before entering into Mass. I find myself trying harder to prepare myself for Mass.

    As a Protestant I never understood the importance of the Eucharist until converting to Catholicism. The Veil is very powerful in its depiction of Christ’s suffering for us. I try to picture my guardian angel walking with me when I receive and partake in the Body of Christ.

    Thanks for this lovely book and the Veil. Both are masterpieces.

  6. Gary

    I really enjoy this devotion. I have learned to a deeper level some of the info, and have been reminded of things I knew but had socked away in my mind.
    THANKS again. Job well done.

  7. Anne

    I have enjoyed the reflections on the Mass. I begin my prayer day with them. I was really moved by 3 of them so far but all have been good.

    The one on the sign of the cross made me really think about what I do so automatically. Now I try to stop and pause as I make the sign of the cross.

    The second one was the one about the Gloria. I have always had a fondness for the Gloria. Perhaps because I sang it so much as a child. In the last few years I begin my day saying the Gloria as I make my bed! I think giving praise and thanksgiving for the new day is important.

    Lastly, the one that has moved me the most so far is the one about the Offertory and bringing up the gifts. I always knew we offered up to God, but the way she put it with all the angels coming to the altar, including my guardian angel, was so thought provoking. Again, in the morning I pray to my guardian angel and those of my family but never thought about them taking our prayer requests to the altar.

    Thanks for providing a daily Advent gift!

  8. Renee

    My husband and I are both recovering from cancer surgeries and so I appreciate these daily reflections.
    I do miss attending Mass.

    I especially appreciate the reflection on the “Sign of the Cross”. It is so easy to just go through the motions and not think of the meaning of the actions we take at church and in Mass.

    Thank you for helping me stay connected!

  9. Jeff

    The Little Yellow Book gives me a new understanding of the Mass and all of its parts. It really gives me a new appreciation of why and how it all fits together. It teaches me things that I never knew before, and wish I had been taught in CCD many years ago. COVID-19 seems to be really trying to separate all of us further from the church, and the Little Yellow Book definitely brings us closer to God and the Mass. I look forward to the two minutes every day.

  10. Mary Kim

    I have enjoyed this very much! It brings up so many reminders and helps us become more aware of all that is happening during Mass!

  11. Fran

    I learned much by reading it, especially about the Eucharist. I’ve always WANTED to go to Mass, but after reading the LYB, I do feel more engaged, more attentive. Thanks to you and your team for doing this.

  12. Jon Chase

    I learned a lot about Mass from this book. It is a great worship aid. It is brief and simple to understand yet so impactful!

  13. Michael

    I got this book from my aunt and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was interested in it because she had talked so highly of it. I started reading and right away I knew that this was something different than your regular old book. Through it I walked for thirty days in little steps learning about the Mass. Whether it was learning about what different saints have said about the Mass or a quick tip on how to pay attention during Mass each day was filled with something new, something to look forward to. This daily reflection and fun guide to different parts of the mass was well worth the read!Trust me if you stick with it and give it a try it will be worth your time! This book is really for anyone no matter where you are in your faith life! Beginners and saints a like will find nuggets of wisdom in this great book!!

  14. Sammy

    Some of this was a review but a great reminder. I also learned more about the Mass. I’m engaging more in Mass since I started the yellow book.

  15. Diane (verified owner)

    I learned so much about the Mass. I experience Mass in such a better way now since I finished this 30 day reflection. Thank you!

  16. Cheryl

    I experience Mass in a completely different way now after doing this 30 day reflection. Thank you!

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