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Conversations (2nd Edition)

A Study Guide
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The “Conversations” (study guide) provides a platform for valuable, interesting discussions. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Mass, as well as the film “The Veil Removed.” It can be used by individuals, small groups or in a classroom setting.

The guide is comprised of 35 questions and answers are provided in the back of the guide. It’s duration and format are flexible depending on the prior knowledge of the participant(s). It is broken down into eight sessions. The average study group will be able to cover one session per week.


Session 1:What’s Behind the Veil? The Film, the Mass
Session 2: Origin Story: Passover and Paschal Mystery
Session 3: A Packed House
Session 4: Preparing for the Miracle of the Mass  
Session 5: Praise is Powerful
Session 6: Holy Communion  
Session 7: A Fractured Family
Session 8:
Has anyone seen The Veil Removed? Inspired? Now What? 

The short film, “The Veil Removed” is offered on Youtube and at our website www.theveilremoved.com, to view and discuss with this guide. However if you need a DVD format of the short film, it is available free of charge. It is available at checkout. If you have any questions you can reach us at theveilremoved1@gmail.com.

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2 reviews for Conversations (2nd Edition)

  1. The Veil Removed Admin

    Great format! Great discussions! I love the q and a! I get so much more out of Mass now!

  2. Cynthia Jensen

    Conversations is a wonderful, easy-to-use study guide to deepen your faith through discussions with others .

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