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Eucharistic Amazement Family Kit


Jesus needs each of us to be His hands and feet and share the true beauty of the Catholic Mass! What better way to do that than by starting at home with your family? ENGAGE as a family to learn more about the Mass and the true presence with this kit which includes: 
  • Little Yellow Book
  • Conversations- A Study Guide
  • Gifts Received in the Physical Church
  • A Deeper Encounter with the Mass
  • Word Search, Crossword puzzle, Bookmarks and Coloring sheets to engage younger kiddos!
If we truly understood the Mass, we would die of joy.”
St. Jean Vianney

Ideas on how to use this kit:

  • Little Yellow Book- Share the daily short reflections with your kids  in the car, during breakfast, at dinner, before they go to bed. Before you go to Mass, review the week’s reflections. Everyone will experience the Mass differently!
  • Conversations- A Study Guide– Start by watching our short film, The Veil Removedat  www.theveilremoved.com. Watch it through your Smart TV! Then create great family discussions by reading a lesson a week from this booklet. (8 lessons, 8 weeks). All the answers are in the back.  
  • Gifts Received in the Physical Church-  Have you ever thought about what you receive by attending Mass in the physical church? There is so much rich symbolism and significance to everything we do here – this book shares 47 of them! Have your kids find a few of these when you go to Mass and watch their engagement improve! Immerse yourself too
  • A Deeper Encounter with the Mass- This booklet is for mom and dad. It dives deeper into  understanding Mass. You will learn more about “the fourth cup”, the Universal prayer and the Paschal Mystery. Time to dive deeper!
  • Word Search, Crossword puzzle, Bookmarks and Coloring sheets to engage younger kiddos!
Of course, the beauty of this kit is using it all together. Everyone’s Mass experience will grow.


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